Sunflower Oil Shampoo

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Our first shampoo is a natural wonder, thick, creamy, light orange colored, with a great scent of Oud Wood,Sandalwood and a touch of Wintergreen.  The best of it though is natural sunflower oil, long known to moisturize, nourish and protect hair.  It gets your hair clean, and healthy looking without detergents, phosphates, sulfates, ammonium salts or any of the other synthetic ingredients in most shampoos.


  • Castile Shampoo with added Sunflower Oil, the best oil for hair

  • Sunflower Oil for hair adds moisture and protection

  • Rich musky Oud Wood scent combined with woody Sandalwood and lightened by a touch of Wintergreen oil

  • Sulfate free and SLS free shampoo.  No SDS, phosphates or detergents

  • No soap residue

  • For Normal to Dry Hair, acts as a shampoo and conditioner

  • Great shampoo for gray hair or for thinning hair 

  • A healthy and effective alternative to synthetic detergent shampoos

  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe

  • Concentrated - 12 oz goes a long way


Try this great shampoo. Your hair will look, feel and smell great.