Shaving Soap

So what makes an enjoyable shave?

A good shaving soap will form an emulsion with oils on your skin, moisturize the hair and the skin, and provide a smooth surface for the the razor to slip easily across.

Our soaps emulsify with the soap from olive, coconut, castor and palm oils, moisturize with glycerin and lanolin and provide a good “slip” with bentonite, a clay used in cleansing face masks.  

So what is the best shaving soap on the web?  Solano Soap Shaving Soaps.

Our handmade, all natural soaps are traditional shaving essentials.  We offer three recipes all with lanolin, glycerin, and bentonite : unscented, sandalwood scented and our favorite rosemary bay.  

Try one as a refill for your shaving mug or just on your sink. out our blog post on shaving done right