Why Natural Soaps?

Posted by m stock on Sep 30th 2017

This is our answer. The short version believe it or not.The short short version is that there are two reasons:When you put natural soap on your skin you are using pretty much the same things you pu … read more

Shaving Done Right

Posted by M. Stock on Sep 11th 2017

Shaving is one of those things that can be an unhappy daily task or a comforting ritual that leaves you relaxed and refreshed. It all depends on how you do it.The biggest part of that is you. If … read more

Activated Charcoal Will Not Help You

Posted by MS on Aug 17th 2017

The other day I looked at Amazon to see what was selling the best in Health and Beauty category. I found a bunch of things that contained activated charcoal promising to cleanse your skin, clean y … read more
Soap and Alcohol

Soap and Alcohol

Posted by MS on Jul 25th 2017

Soap and AlcoholThere are lots of soaps, washes, scrubs and similar products available, all with their own story of why they are better than the others. The stories are mostly harmless marketing t … read more

What is Natural?

Posted by M. Stock on Mar 15th 2017

Natural. What is it and why does it matter? Natural is one of those words that means one thing generally, and something quite different when used for products for sale. A lot of things you buy … read more