Bergamot Tarragon Scented Coconut Oil Soap Bar

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Our simplest and at the same time most popular bar soap, this beautiful near white bar was designed for face washing.  Not just a great face soap it can also be used for bathing or hand washing.  Pure coconut oil is combined with bergamot tarragon leaf fragrance oil and rosemary oleoresin extract as a preservative then reacted with a solution of distilled water and food grade lye to produce this beautiful fragrant soap bar.  There is a large excess of coconut oil so the lye is used up without converting all of the oil to soap and glycerin.  The resulting bar is a hard soap bar with voluminous lather, typical of coconut oil soap, and the citrus/herbal scent of bergamot oil (the citrus fruit that is the flavor of Earl Grey tea) and tarragon.  The naturally formed glycerin and the excess coconut oil combined with a super cleaning coconut oil soap makes this soap a perfect face bar: it cleans without drying.  Pure, 100% coconut oil bar with a fresh scent of bergamot and tarragon leaves