About Us

We are a new company located in beautiful Solano County California.  We are dedicated to making pure natural soaps that clean well, nourish your skin and make you feel great.  We use only natural vegetable oils, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower oil.  

We are industrial chemists who have made fertilizers, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and others and decided to turn our lives around and use our chemistry skills to make things that were natural and clean, not so engineered.  These soaps are where we start.

Our soaps are made to get you and the things around you clean with all the benefits of natural vegetable oils, and none of problems that come with using synthetic detergents.

As scientists by training, and people with long experience in all kinds of chemistry we have noticed a lot of misleading claims and data about the benefits and perils of all kinds of soaps.  Some of it is more than misleading and it is most often the work of someone who wants to sell you something.

We of course would like to sell you something but we are not willing to tell you something that we know is untrue, either completely or partly, to do it.

Natural soaps are better for your skin and the world than synthetic ones.  There are good solid reasons to believe that and we will try to set those out as we go along.